Tweezers Tool

Tweezers Tool
Tweezers Tool
1. Apply base coat
 2. Choose a bright base colour for the nail.
 3. In this nail art design we want to imprint a tropical leaf. Take a piece of masking tape and cut out a
stencil of the design using a sharp blade
 4. For this artwork, we will use 2 shades of green colour, a piece of sponge and a point tip brush
 5. Create a nail paint pattern with alternating colours in green as shown in the image over the flat side of the sponge
 6. Stick the tape on the nail in the centre
 7. Using the sponge apply the nail polish in horizontal motion once to give the alternate colour design 8. Let the nail paint dry 9. Gently peel off the tape 10. Finish off the leaf design by painting the veins with a dark shade using the point tip brush 11. Apply a clear top coat to complete the nail art for a glossy look
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